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Black White Green Wiring For 120v Plug - green wire ground to pump cover stator black wire short red wire long red wire capacitor blue wire black wire - 115v stator white wire - 230v stator power cord (115v with plug 230v without plug) white wire governor switch overload black wire single phase wiring 115v and 230v with governor switch bjm pumps - 123 spencer plain road, old saybrook. Sep 14, 2008  · Re: American to English wiring colours Have the same on Mettle - as we couldn't get tinned triple core in any other colours. I laminated up a little card which is stuck in the back of the wiring panel with the conversions on it.. So where do the wires go: to which screws on the electrical receptacle (shown just above) do we connect the black wire, white wire when there is no ground wire? On a conventional 120-volt "two pronged" electrical outlet that accepts grounded plugs (two prongs plus the rounded center ground connector prong), your circuit will have three wires:.

I need a quick hand. My new Elektra A3 arrived today. It is all hooked up with one exception, the plug. To my surprise, there was no plug on the power line, just bare wire so I had to run out and get a plug. Now for the problem. I have a green/yellow-blue-brown wire on the Elektra. The green/yellow. I've seen high voltage secondaries with red/white centers. And on old transformers, the colors may have faded to the point brown looks black or green looks black or brown, and so forth. I'm not aware of any standard for filament winding numbering, so if there is more than one, verify the voltages.. Jun 05, 2018  · If your older wiring only has two wires (black and white, with no grounding wire), the box is not grounded and you will have to replace the cable with the right number of conductors, including a black, white, and grounding wire, if you desire grounding (e.g.,.

110-120V LVC-IV Low Voltage Control Module page 2 of 4 InfraRed (IR) Remote Control 1. Plug Optional IR Eye into mini plug input provided on LVC-IV (see Figs. 1 and 3). 2. IR Remote Control transmitter does not need to be "learned" by the LVC-IV.. Jan 18, 2015  · How to wire 240 volt outlets and plugs 30-50 amp/ 3-prong/ Range: 10 AWG for 30 amp. Hot wires can be Black- Red or Black-White Green screw => bare copper or green ground wire Silver screw => Neutral. Look at screw color. Image shows 2 hot wires with ground.. Take the white wire from switch two and twist it with the black wire from switch one. Mark the white wire with a piece of electrical tape to indicate that the wire is now a hot wire. Attach a wire nut..

The 120V lights, the buzzer and the doorbell transformers in my build are powered by 120V. If in a 240V country these need to be replaced by 240V versions. The relays in my build are powered by a 120V. The black plug is shifted in position so the black wire is attached to terminal 4 Line 2 (L2) and the white wire is attached to terminal 5. Note: in this position the white arrow on top of the 2 prong black plug is pointing at the 115V label.. The wiring is the same 12-gauge black/white/green sheathed wire that I have encountered throughout my home’s 120v wiring (for reference, the ground wires are of a much lighter gauge). The box where the thermostat was removed contains just one of the wires described along with two red (also apparently 12 gauge) wires entering the box from.

The old top had a 4 wire connector and now the new one only has a 3 wire (Black, Red & bare wire). The Bosch installation says to hook up (L1) black to black, (L2) red to red and green or bare to ground.. electrical requirements itb & itcb-dv dual volt toggle switch white green neutral l1 black neutral l2 l1 black white l1 black n l1 g power cord green neutral l1 black l2 red l2 red l2 l1 black l1 g power cord green l1 black 120/208-240v 3 wire + ground 120v 2 wire + ground itcb dv 240v 2 wire + ground only l2 red neutral blue n l1 black l1 g.

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