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Draining friend wants to drain pocketbook next

Dear Straight Talk: I work full time and live on my own while attending community college. A close friend is constantly leaning on me for emotional support around guys, school, body image, etc. I like her, but she is often depressed and…


Boss’s yelling has boy dreading his job

Dear Straight Talk: I hate my job. I'm a 16-year-old guy and my parents think I should be working this summer. I agree and managed to land a decent restaurant job. However, the owner yells and belittles me about everything. It's…


Hover-parented girl wants help finding herself

Dear Straight Talk: My parents have always dominated my life. I’m a junior at a college I hate. I play college sports and a musical instrument I'd rather not play. I’ve never worked, being too busy being "enriched." I sound…


Is boss out to lunch regarding wages?

Dear Straight Talk: My boss keeps telling me young people have it easy today. But I’ve worked 40 hours a week at $12 an hour for eight months and have been unsuccessful at saving money for college. I ride a bicycle six miles to work,…


Kids in hard-hit family not pulling weight

Dear Straight Talk: I have two daughters in college. Due to the recession, our economic situation changed drastically since they were in high school,  where they enjoyed private schools, lessons, cars, trips abroad, etc. How do I get…


Boy, parents at odds over gap year

Dear Straight Talk: I'm slated to head off to college in August, but I want to take a gap year in South America first. I have savings and will work as I go. I think immersing in a different culture is good for Americans. My parents…


Need a job? Clip this column!

Dear Straight Talk: My 16-year-old son has started looking for a summer job and is having a tough time. I have a feeling he is not presenting himself well throughout the process. I remember an article you wrote a few years ago with…


Making a better world, Part II

DEAR READERS: Each New Year I ask the panelists: What bugs you most about the world? How would you make the world better? Last week's “better world” column covered concerns about how digital networking has diminished face-to-face…


Facebook: It’s amazing who’s looking at your posts!

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: When are kids going to learn that anything posted on the Internet is potentially exposed to the world? As a hiring manager, I am floored by the number of applicants…

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College kids give tips on stretching a dollar

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m leaving for college this week and am nervous about finances. I have taken out loans, a grant helps with my dorm and tuition, but there’s not enough to…

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