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In love with troubled stepbrother. Now what?

Dear Straight Talk: My stepfather has a son a year older than me who didn’t live with us because my stepdad didn’t have custody. Since we weren’t blood related, I had a crush on “Unknown.” I didn’t hear…


Does college couple need pill and condom both?

Dear Straight Talk:  My boyfriend is 22 and I'm almost 20. We're in college and unsure about our long-term future so we just call ourselves friends. However, our relationship has been monogamous and steady for almost a year…

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Pregnancy, STDs: How savvy are today’s girls?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My granddaughter “Tamara” is 16 and I suspect she is sexually active. Her mother travels for weeks at a time with her work and she and Tamara do not appear…


It’s not Lori, it’s the porn industry

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Lauren’s response to Lori, the 20-year-old woman worried about raising her child in our “raunchy” culture (FEB 18, 2009),…


The ‘Juno’ Effect

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I know of four different teenage girls right now who are in various stages of obvious pregnancy. None are married and all plan to give birth to the child.…

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Consequences of sex affect everyone

Dear Straight Talk: Are you aware of the dual standard in your advice to “No name please?” (Website, JAN 23) You talked about how easy it is for guys to “run” from a pregnancy,…


Having sex, protected or not, is playing with fire

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 17 and I’m pregnant. I was using a birth control shot. I have tons of support, especially from my mother, to make my own choice and I am confident in my decision to have a medicinal abortion. The problem…

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Pregnant couple needs all the help they can get

Dear Straight Talk: Your response to “Wants love not sex” was insulting. The writer, 16, is pregnant by her 18-year-old boyfriend. He is whining because her desire…


Not always safe to tell parents you are pregnant

Dear Straight Talk: You advised “Wants love not sex”, the 16-year-old girl who is pregnant by her boyfriend, to go to her parents and her boyfriend’s parents for support. But…


Pregnant teen wants more love, less sex

Dear Straight Talk: I am only 16 and am in a pretty serious relationship with my boyfriend of 18. We have been dating for 14 months now and sometimes it’s hard to talk to him about deep feelings…

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