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Daughter melts down: “My friends hate me”

Dear Straight Talk: I'm a single father and my daughter is (or was) a well-adjusted sophomore. Now, she refuses to go to school. When I insist, she locks herself in her room and cries. I'm at a loss and must get to work myself.…


Best friend entangled in cheating love triangle

Dear Straight Talk: My roommate and best friend is torn between two lovers. She finds her boyfriend, "Raf", dull so she is cheating on him with "Sevan” who is less serious about her. I'm pretty shocked by her lack of ethics and…


Draining friend wants to drain pocketbook next

Dear Straight Talk: I work full time and live on my own while attending community college. A close friend is constantly leaning on me for emotional support around guys, school, body image, etc. I like her, but she is often depressed and…


13-year-old confused about sexual orientation

Dear Straight Talk: Please don't judge me! I'm 13 and very confused about my sexual orientation. I don't know if I'm straight or bisexual. When I see a cute guy, I daydream about him constantly. When I see a pretty girl,…


Big Sis wants Lil’ Sis to forgive her

Dear Straight Talk: I’m ashamed to say I was like "No Slut's" sister [column MAR 26]. In addition to having a terrible reputation, which gave my younger sister a bad reputation, I did everything to make her life miserable. The…


Friend pulls away as graduation nears

Dear Straight Talk: I'm about to graduate and my best friend, "Lorraine," is pulling away from me. She doesn't call much anymore and when she does, we only talk 15 minutes, not our usual hour. Conversations are not as deep…


Mom worries about shy daughter in large high school

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My daughter has attended the same small school from kindergarten through eighth grade. She is friendly but not particularly outgoing. She tends to have one or two close friends (and is very caring toward them),…


Boy wants to be straight, has trouble fitting in

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Everybody knows what high school is like: people do drugs, drink, and have sex. I’m one of the few who is different. I've gotten looks of disgust when I say that smoking marijuana or drinking is bad —…


Should parents restrict access to son’s troubled friend?

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: What should I do? My son is 16 and wants to hang out with someone who is a very bad influence and I don’t know how to go about preventing that. Whenever they…


Sickest bullies are those who pretend to be friends

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Someone I once considered a good friend has been saying absolutely horrible things behind my back. I overheard her, so I know it’s true. This person is very insecure…

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