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Depression & Mental Health

Pressure-cooker high schools

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Sometimes I think our schools have gone crazy. We expect our kids to get a 4.6 GPA, letter in sports, run student government, play in the orchestra,…


Real-life advice to take to college

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My daughter starts college next week and I’m wondering what real-life advice the panel and you have for her. I am concerned about hookups, binge-drinking and depression,…

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Boy has murderous thoughts toward bully

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I moved here as a freshman. I’m heading into junior year and never made it into the popular crowd. In fact, I’m completely shunned because last year, a completely…


Sickest bullies are those who pretend to be friends

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Someone I once considered a good friend has been saying absolutely horrible things behind my back. I overheard her, so I know it’s true. This person is very insecure…

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College-age panelists weigh in on pornography issue

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: My younger brother is 19, a healthy college student. We are close friends. He confided in me that he is reluctant to date because of recent problems with arousal. He…

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Boy could be suffering from “Facebook depression”

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Maybe I shouldn’t meddle, but my son is an awkward, shy teenager and my brother’s kids are popular. At a recent reunion, a lively conversation ensued about…


“Glee” about as edgy as spilled slushees

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: One of my guilty pleasures is watching “Glee.” I am wondering if the degree of bullying they depict is exaggerated or if high school today is really like…


Rebounding after a bad breakup

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: Six months ago, my younger sister was rejected by her boyfriend for another girl. She’s still not over it. She lies around sad and depressed and hardly leaves…


Most kids today need “stress band-aids”

DEAR STRAIGHT TALK: I’m a retired high school nurse interested in how kids self-soothe in order to de-stress. I observe kids having such stressed childhoods that most have some type…


Straight Talk panelists co-author motorcycle safety law

DEAR READERS: Last school year, two teenage panelists from Straight Talk wanted to make the world a better place. Michael Kelleher and Sawyer Cole took their idea to the Capitol and stood persistently in front of…

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